Why should you consider pet insurance?

Know what it covers:

All pet insurance is not created equally. It’s important to remember that some insurance operates with a schedule of service. This means that they only pay a set amount for each service or item your pet receives. Many times this is much less than the actual cost of the item which leaves an unexpected, out-of-pocket expense for you.

Know how a claim is paid:

Very few pet insurance carriers pay the veterinary clinic directly. Usually you are required to pay the bill and seek reimubursement. Will you have the funds available to do this when the time comes? If not, pick a carrier that pays the clinic directly.

Do you need routine care coverage?

This includes things like vaccines, regular vet visits and sometimes even flea and heartworm prevention. If it’s more cost effective for you to make a monthly payment, then select a plan that is all inclusive. But remember, the monthly premium will be alot higher and you may be paying for vaccines or items your pet doesn’t need.

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